Terms of Service for the Use of the Unmanned Aircraft Information System

Definitions used in these Terms of Service
Authentication – an electronic process by which the electronic identification service provider carries out the verification of the electronic identification data of a natural person in order to ensure the electronic identification of such person.
System — unmanned aircraft information system that ensures the fulfilment of one or more services electronically on a website https://droni.caa.gov.lv, https://e.caa.gov.lv  and https://eksameni.caa.gov.lv.
Verified (authenticated) user – a natural person who, in accordance with these Regulations, accesses the functions of the System by authenticating with the latvija.lv using Single Login Module (Internet Bank, EID or eSignature) or with a user name and password issued in accordance with specified procedures, on his or her own behalf or on behalf of a legal person.
Unverified (unauthenticated) user: a natural person who accesses the content and services of the System accessible to anyone without authentication.
System Manager – State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency”, TAIL. No. 90000196469, Biroju Street 10, Riga Airport, Mārupe rural territory, Mārupe Municipality, LV-1053.
System user: a natural or legal person who accesses functions of the System in at least one of the following ways: (a) using the user name and password received in accordance with the specified procedures (verified or unverified user status); (b) authenticating with the latvija.lv Single Login Module (Internet bank, eID, or eSignature, (verified (authenticated) user status); (c) using public access (unauthenticated user).
  1. These Regulations are binding on all System users using System services according to its role in the System.
  2. By creating an account in the System or using the e-services available in the System, the user confirms that he or she is familiar with these Regulations and undertakes to comply with them. If the user does not agree with these Regulations, he/she cannot access the System.
  3. The System manager shall have the right, if necessary, to amend these Regulations or to issue new ones and these changes shall take effect from the moment they are published on the website.
  4. All personal data contained in the System shall be protected in accordance with the legal acts binding on the Republic of Latvia. For the purposes of this Regulation, any information relating to an identified natural person shall be considered as personal data. Additional information on the processing of personal data in the System can be found in the section “Privacy Policy”.
User authentication in the System and Creating a Verified User
To use the System services, the user authenticates the System by using:
  • www.latvija.lv the Single Login Module (Internet Bank, EID, or eSignature);
  • by contacting the System manager in person, carrying an identity document;
  • creating a user account in the System, specifying the exact and complete information necessary to receive the user’s name and password.
  1. User may not transfer user properties (username, password) to third parties. User properties can only be used by the specific user (natural person) to whom they have been assigned. A user who connects to the System with a username (e-mail address) and password must change the user password regularly (at least once a month).
  2. In case of suspicion of having a password at the disposal of a third party, the user is obliged to change the password immediately. If the user considers that his or her electronic identification means or data are used by another person, he or she shall immediately inform the Information System Resource Manager of the Civil Aviation Agency (hereinafter – administrator) (in working hours by phone 60001666, sending a message outside working hours to email address: caa@caa.gov.lv).
  3. The user shall not take actions against security of the System by using unintended connection. The user must close the browser when finishing (interrupting) the job.
  4. The system uses cookies which are necessary for the safe operation of the System. Non-compliance with these provisions and/or acquisition of the rights to use the System by using access data of third parties and/or on behalf of third parties shall be regarded as a deliberate damage to the integrity of the System, which according with the laws and regulations of Latvia shall be classified as a criminal offence. Such actions are contrary to the Personal Data Processing Law.
  5. The user is obliged to ensure that only computer hardware with licensed software and up-to-date malignant program code-blocking (antivirus) software is used to work with the System.
  6. The user may not carry out illegal (unauthorized) copying of data, the System or parts thereof. All actions that do not use the authorised commands displayed on the screen or are performed automatically without human participation in the process of generating information requests, regardless of their purpose, are considered illegal (unauthorized).
  7. The user shall immediately inform the administrator in accordance with the procedures laid down in Paragraph 2 of this Section:
    • if a malfunction of the System is detected;
    • for any suspicion or fact relating to non-compliance with this Regulation, unauthorised use of the System, any unauthorised use of the software, modification or other violation of the software that is or may affect the System;
    • in case of the possibility of infection of the computer with software containing a malignant program code or its generator. In this case, the user must also immediately stop working with the System.
  8. The administrator shall have the right to restrict or deny access to the System to the user for a temporary or indefinite period of time (including from specific IP addresses) without prior notice, explaining the reason if necessary.
Acknowledgement of understanding
  1. When registering as a remote pilot, I certify that I have reached the age of 16, unless*:
    • unmanned aircraft is self-built or toy ** and has a maximum take-off mass of less than 250 g;
    • another remote pilot at least 16 years of age with an appropriate level of competency supervises my operations;
    • flights are conducted within the framework of a Model aircraft club or association (subject to an appropriate authorisation from the Civil Aviation Agency).
  2. By registering as an operator of an unmanned aircraft, I declare that I have reached the age of 16. I am aware that that remote pilots can only be attracted by an operator who is a natural person and reached the age of 18 years.
  3. By registering as an operator by a legal entity, I declare that all personnel directly involved in the operation are competent to carry out their tasks and that the operation of unmanned aircraft systems will be carried out only by remote pilots with an appropriate level of competence.

* Second paragraph of Article 9 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft.

** An unmanned aircraft shall be considered a toy only if it complies with Directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys and is intended for use by children under 14 years of age. The relevant information must be clearly stated. If no such indication exists or the manufacturer has indicated a higher age, the unmanned aircraft shall not be considered a toy. Technical modifications not foreseen by the manufacturer (e.g. installation of a video camera or replacement of transmitters) will lose the status of the toy

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